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Published: 30th January 2012
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Banner ads are an excellent marketing strategy to sell products and services. You can make people click on web banners but you need to create a really attractive banner design if you want to increase the click through rate.

You need to decide the purpose of your banner because they can either be used to drive visitors from other sites to your portal or to redirect visitors to different internal pages on your website. This is precisely the reason why a banner cannot be used on different websites.

We have provided some tips that should make your marketing campaign a huge success:

Note: These points have not been arranged in any specific order.

(a) You need to analyze the design, layout, color theme of the desired website before creating a banner ad. The process can be simplified by showing the website to your designer. He/she will be in a better position to examine other banners on the website and determine what sort of banner will promote your business in an effective manner.

(b) Make sure that you select the appropriate banner for a particular campaign because some websites will not accept flash banners. Most web portals will allow you to convey a short message by using several GIF banner slides.

(c) You have to consistently monitor the results of the banner marketing campaign. Frequent analysis will help you to increase the sales by targeting the correct visitor segment. A thorough analysis will make you a winner and help you to use the banner in an efficient manner.

(d) The content needs to be attractive and precise because need to grab the visitors attention within a few seconds. Writing too much content will make it look vague and unprofessional.

(e) You need to write a very attractive message if the situation demands that you create a small banner containing your logo and a caption. People will click on the web banner and visit your website only if they find the message appealing.

(f) Never rely on one banner for the success of your advertising campaign. Create another banner ad with a different message and theme if the first banner does not perform well.

(g) Hire an experienced banner designing professional if you donít have any in-house expert designers. This is because he/she will know about the latest industry trends and help you design a banner that will match your website and expectations of the target audience.

(h) Flash banners are not responsive to search engines. This means that using flash banners on your website will not help you in terms of ranking.

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